Agriculture Software Suite


Mrittikā is a soil nutrient analysis and recommendation software. Rural entrepreneurs offer soil testing services to the farmers and use mrittikā to analyse the results to recommend fertilizer to the farmers for achieving cost effective and optimum productivity.

mrittikā benefits:

  • Knowledge based and customized information to farmers on required nutrients based on specific crops and current state of the soil
  • Specific fertilizer types, quantity, dosage and application procedure
  • Local sources of fertilizers offering competitive price


ankur is a seed selection and recommendation application. Rural entrepreneurs use ankur to help farmers with better seed selection to achieve increased productivity. ankur  analyses the season and farmer’s land condition and prescribes the best seed.

ankur benefits:

  • Crop, soil type and season based seed selection
  • Recommend good practices for seed preparation and planting to maximize seed germination
  • Reduce mistakes and guesswork in seed selection and use
  • Make it easy to select and procure  quality seeds from reliable sources


protikār is a crop software for managing plant diseases, weeds and pest organisms that damage agricultural crops. protikār provides crop protection recommendation from harmful insects and numerous plat diseases that afflict crops.  It also provides curative measures to prevent crop losses from herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.

protikār benefits:

  • Recommend preventive measures to avoid plant diseases and pest organisms that damage crops
  • Specific pesticides recommendations, quantities, dosage and application procedure
  • Enable farmers to produce better crops and reduces harmful effects of using excess pesticides
  • Ease of selection of pesticides from reliable sources


vistār is a software application that helps farmers to get direct access to market or buyer information so that they can sell their crops at an optimum price. This application provides considerable business opportunity due to its enormous potential to connect buyer and seller.

vistār benefits:

  • Improved buying and selling service by offering crops to potential buyers at the beginning of the season
  • centralizing bids and offers – reduces costs and improves margins for farmers
  • Ease of selection of crops from multiple reliable farmers or sellers
  • Farmers can sell perishable crops at fixed interval and avoid crop damages
  • Farmers can contact buyers directly through SMS or email